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You MUST read the USER AGREEMENT and REGISTER with us before we will process any orders for you. Verification of registration information is taken very seriously. If you place an order and do not receive it....either you did not register or you failed to read the email we sent you stating that your registration was rejected!

User Agreement - Policies and Terms of Use


In order to use this site you must agree to ALL of the following:

1. Keep this hobby fun and safe for everyone.

2. Register via the Registration tab above prior to making any purchases.

3. NEVER utilize a badge for any other purpose than allowed by law.

4. We are hands-on administrators. Expect emails and phone calls to verify your identity.

5. BE WARNED - WE WILL REPORT suspected fraudulent or illegal activity.

6. Please read TITLE 18 (US Code top link).

7. Not to compile a list of email addresses of users of this site for the purpose of solicitation.

8. YOU acknowledge that YOU have read and understand the Federal rules (US Law top link). That YOU, the buyer agree
    to abide fully with such Federal statutes and any violation of such federal statutes is being done so at YOUR risk and peril.
    That & Executive Resources Group, its servants, agents, principals, shareholders and employees will
    be indemnified and held harmless by each and every purchaser or user of this site. That YOU agree to defend, pay
    reasonable attorney fees and indemnify & Executive Resources Groups, its agents, principals,
    shareholders, servants and employees as a result of any litigation, civil and or criminal that arise of and/or related to the
    use of or transaction from this website by YOU the purchaser. By using this site, you hereby agree to the terms of this



General Instructions

1. Every item displays a price and short description.

2. If you have any questions about an item please ask before you purchase.

3. All badges are authentic with the exception of those on the "Reproductions" and "Gode" pages. Some are
    Hallmarked, others are not. If there is more you wish to know, CONTACT US BEFORE you place an order.

4. All pictures are of the actual item that you will be buying.

5. Sales are first come, first serve. This means that if the item sold a few minutes before you placed your order,
    your order will not be processed. If this happens we will email you to let you know that your order will not
    be processed.

6. We accept the following payment options, which are offered through our checkout procedure; American Express,
    Discover, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Money Order and Electronic Check.

7. Although checks and money orders are options in the checkout procedure, we reserve the right not to accept
    them as payment for badges on this site.

8. Almost everything we sell ships USPS Priority Mail, Insured, with Delivery Confirmation. However, we will not ship
    any badges to a PO Box. We must have a REAL address and it must be the same one that you registered with.
    Shipments to destinations outside of the Continental United States may include additional shipping charges to
    the buyer.

9. We reserve the right to deny any orders with delivery addresses outside the Continental U.S.

10. We reserve the right to reject any registrations submitted by any individual in any country considered hostile to
      the U.S. by the U.S. Government, International Community, or based on our own sound business decisions.

11. We will NOT ship to any country considered hostile to the U.S. by the U.S. Government, International Community,
      or based on our own sound business decisions.

12. ALL SALES ARE FINAL - We do not guarantee that we will accept a return unless we ship you the wrong item or
      an improperly categorized item.



Suspension, Revocation & User Responsibility


Any of the following scenarios may be cause for suspension or revocation of your approved user status on Should your account fall under any of these scenarios we will send you notice via your registered email address(s) of your status change.


1. Failure to follow through on two or more transactions without reasonable cause will result in revocation.

2. Name, address, email address and/or telephone number(s) can no longer be verified. (We typically run a re-verification if
    our email to you bounces back so please advise of any email or address changes.)

3. We receive any information from any source which would cause us to be suspicious of your reasons for purchasing a law
    enforcement shield.

4. User Inactivity # 1: If you were one of the early registered users who were granted user status based on your agreement to
    pay for a full credit and background check prior to your first purchase, and have never placed an order, your user status
    may be revoked after one year or more of inactivity.

5. User Inactivity # 2: If you have no interaction or activity of any kind with for a one year period, we
    reserve the right to suspend your approved user status.

6. User Responsibility: It is the responsibility of all of our registered users to keep us informed of any changes to personal
    information. This includes address, telephone numbers, email and any other changes from your original registration
    application information.  You may also update your own information in our email data base by selecting the link at the
    bottom of all of our monthly update emails.

Shipping Policy

Due to Paypal policies regarding seller protection the following changes are effective 11/5/13 for all purchases where Paypal is used as the payment method:

All international shipments of $250 or more where Paypal is used as the payment method will be shipped registered, insured mail and will incur an additional shipping cost of $35 per package over and above the shipping cost shown on your sales receipt.

All domestic shipments of $250 or more where Paypal is used as the payment method will be shipped Priority Mail, insured, adult signature required and will incur an additional shipping cost of $5 per package over and above the shipping cost shown on your sales receipt.

Your submission of a purchase or order constitutes your agreement and acceptance of these additional shipping costs where applicable.

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NOTE: Revocation of your user status is non-reversible.

Suspension of your user status remains in effect until the issues surrounding the suspension can be cleared up to our satisfaction.


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We apologize for the need to make and enforce these rules due to such a miniscule number of un-responsible users. However, we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to make every effort and take any steps necessary to ensure that our site is utilized only by responsible collectors of law enforcement memorabilia.